As we reach our 20th year in business, Cairn Active Design Ltd continues to provide a vast range of traditional and innovative information services.

Based in Dunfermline and Established in 1998, we have had many years experience providing Property Information Services for the banking, building, Health , food and security industries.

Our clients range from individuals to multinationals and we can cover a range of projects large or small, no project is too small or too big for us!

We currently manage CAD and space management data for The The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC and have been involved in their CAD area for over 19 years. This involves a major bank portfolio of over 3000 properties in the UK and overseas.

Our company refuses to be complacent and continues to expand into new areas of the rapidly moving state of technology keeping us as up-to-date as possible for our clients demands.

Our new 3D VIRTUAL TOUR SERVICE launches this month immersing our clients even futher into the a world of 3D for Cad Drawings , Floorplans and Digital Photography.


Using the latest hardware, software and in-house develop CAD routines, we can measure photographs and produce;

    accurate CAD floorplans
    visualizations of any building

State of the art laser measurement tools are use to ensure the utmost accuracy, along with the latest software for processing of the data efficiently and precisely.

We have provided surveys for the following clients;

    DS One Architects
    Drivers Jonas
    Currie & Brown
    Fife NHS

Intelligence & finished CAD drawings are linked to each other, and to photos, virtual tours, maps, documents etc to give a seamless view of all the data you have, using the surveyed CAD data as an interactive visual hub.


Specific CAD software includes


We use these to create and process CAD files in any format, to suit clients requirements.

Customer requirements can range from straightforward Floor Plans and Elevations, or with further processing we can produce drawings for

    Stacking Plans
    Furniture Layouts
    Fire Risk Assesments
    Planning Applications
    Building Warrants
    Health and Safety Audits
    Land Registry
    Asset Registers
    Sale Particulars

Other software we use to provide relevant data included

    Photoshop, Acrobat, Excel, Word,Access, Powerpoint, Scan2CAD, AIDE, Visio, Archibus, Bluebeam, Brava

We also create specific efficiency enhancing custom programs, routines and tools within the CAD software which ensures efficiency and consistency of data.Creation of enhancements for your Cad system is another area of our expertise.

Re-layering of Cad drawing data to any derived standards applicable to your organization is an area of particular expertise, as is the issuing and receiving of Cad data on your behalf, ensuring that external suppliers adhere to your set of CAD Standards.

Our use of CAD is not just restricted to the field of measured building surveys, or indeed anything related to buildings, if its on CAD or needs to be on CAD we can help you.

We currently manage CAD and space management data for a major bank’s portfolio of over 3000 properties in the UK and overseas.



Space Management & Planning

We have been heavily involved in using CAD data to track and report on space utilisation, asset registers and desk/room booking systems since we launched as a business. Using specialist software such as Archibus or making clever use of your existing systems such as Access or Visio, to provide report data and Stacking Plans, we can cost effectively meet your needs.

Building Alterations , Acquisitions and Disposals

From carrying out alterations to provide proposal drawings, for Planning Applications and Building Warrants, to Land Registry compliant plans for property disposals, through to providing the necessary plans and photographic material for property sales particulars, both domestic and commercial.

Health and Safety Compliance

Adding information onto the base drawings for Health and Safety compliance, this includes drawings for Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos Recording and Health and Safety audits.

Incident and Contingency Planning

Combining CAD drawings with geographic mapping to pinpoint your organisation’s property portfolio, with associated population information, this provides a highly desirable and necessary tool to protect your estate and staff in the event of a major Incident. Used very successfully by our major clients in mock and real incidents.



Whether on its own or as part of a Measured Building Survey, we can record and display various aspects of buildings by linking photographs to Cad plans, providing a location reference for each photo, or producing new edited photos to show rebranding or resignage proposals for planning applications.

We can also provide very good quality images within a Virtual Tour



With us you can create a modern responsive website that will capture the visitors attention and enable them to view it clearly on any device . Trained in the latest HTML5 responsive web design we can bring your current website up to date or create a new one from scratch

Responsive Web Design enables your website to adapt to any size of screen enabling it to be read clearly on any device and of any screen size.

Your website will be adapted to your individual needs and you will be able to choose how detailed a website you would like. Some of the options include;

    Adding a Virtual Tour
    Adding images
    Adding Floorplans with or without radar
    Special Effects
    Links to Videos
    Online Shopping Cart
    Links to shopping websites
    pop-up spreadsheets or documents


Owning the rights to your website to enable you to update it by yourself or with your own in-house web-developers.


Using our Web Maintenance services to update your website either on a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis. This can be useful for websites with news feeds or prices that change on a regular basis.

If you would like our Web Design Service please get in touch and we will arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss your options.



Virtual Tours can totally immerse your Website visitors into your building giving them a true sense of 'feeling' before visiting it in person.

It can help weed out less interested customers or save on expensive and time consuming site visits.

It can also allow your customers/visitors to access unsafe or unreachable areas. Its also a great tool for those with mobility disabilities helping them enjoy the same experiences and checking out suitable disabled routes before their arrival.


This Package includes the following;

  • a 3D Dollhouse Image of your building(external view without external walls)
  • A 3D Virtual Reality Virtual Tour for your website ( the most advance virtual tour experience where viewers can totally immerse themselves into your building using VR Headsets)
  • A 2D Virtual Tour with special effects viewable on any device giving an inside view in 2D without the need for a VR headset.
  • A Coloured Floorplan of each floor.
  • Very good quality 360 degree and Standard Size Photography both inside and outside the building. These will be supplied separately for use with other online projects at your discretion.
  • Please click on the video gallery below to see some interesting examples of what we could produce for you..

    Video Gallery

    How the 3D Showcase can benefit your company

  • Save Money on CAD Services and Photography Services - this service can be an all-in-one-package for your website, Photography & CAD services
  • Weed out less interested customers saving unecessary time and expense.
  • Quick turnaround on processing the virtual tour ( can be finished and on your website within hours)
  • The Opportunity to increase or decrease the amount of virtual tours they need to stage on a monthly basis.
  • A service that only needs a few hours on site to take pictures
  • The most up-to-date-technology to wow their customers
  • A Virtual Tour at an affordable price!
  • The 3D Showcase Special Effects Possibilities

    A virtual tour can be anything you want it to be with the addition of Special Effects. These special effects can include;

  • Panoramic or Standard Photographs
  • Further information on objects in the room
  • Video links
  • 3D Effects
  • Links to other websites or pages on your own website


    Once our Virtual Tours have been produced, we can look at creating a map service for your website to embed our tours and photography into. This could be used for large private property grounds with outbuildings or for a tourist map etc. The map can incorporate a mixture of Virtual Tours and Panoramic photography spots that the viewer can click on to experience in 3D or 2D or even slideshows of photographs that we can create for you. We can also work with 3D modelling features for your map.

    If you have already spent money on creating a map for your business, we can easily turn this into an interactive map for you without any further mapping creation costs required.

    Your Virtual Tour will also be included on our own Cairn Virtual Reality UK Directory Map to further advertise your business at no extra cost.

    Why not take a nice stroll in our local Pittencrieff Park by clicking on the various camera points on the map below. On this occassion we have just used Google Maps to create a map as we are presently working on our own map creations to publish. If you click on the video icons you can take a virtual tour of the Glasshouse.

    What businesses could benefit from the 3D Showcase Package

  • Estate Agents
  • Holiday Companies
  • Architects
  • Health & Safety Management- Health & Safety staff enrollment meetings etc
  • Construction Industry - Progress report meetings etc, no need for everyone to go on site to see the progress of a project. It can be done with just one onsite visit by the photographer so that it can all be viewed in a meeting room. Effectively saving time, resources and money.
  • Historic Building Companies- wanting to showcase popular tourist attractions helping the tourist industry keep up-to-date with immersive technology and increase revenue and tourism.
  • Museums & Galleries-great way to attract more visitors
  • Gyms-great way to attract more members letting them have a look around before taking that first step to joining
  • Archaeologists - photograph ancient sites so it can be looked at in detail later
  • Police and Crime Investigation - photograph burial sites for future forensic examination & photograph crime scenes etc
  • Renovation Companies- capture these before and after scenes

  • The Advanges of using Cairn Active Design Ltd to produce and showcase your Virtual Tour

  • We have 20 years experience in providing CAD services. The information gathered in the virtual tour can be used for your future CAD needs. These could include Fire Evacuation Plans, Space Planning (details of our services can be found on our webpage).
  • No need to buy very expensive camera equipment - let us do that
  • You can have the option to puchase just one Virtual Tour Stage or just the amount you need rather than pay for a large miniumum package- let us do that.
  • INCREASE or DECREASE the amount of virtual tours you wish to showcase on a monthly basis. This is a very safe option for smaller companies with less revenue or for companies that may have varied demand on a monthly basis.
  • You can cancel payments at any time
  • OPTION 3 - A 2D VIRTUAL TOUR ON ITS OWN with optional special effects

    A 2D tour is not fully immersive so cannot be viewed using VR equipment but is still very good at giving you a fantastic immersive experience.

    Click here to see a 2D virtual tour on your PC PC VIRTUAL TOUR

    Or here to use a mobile device MOBILE VIRTUAL TOUR

    This type of tour is beneficial to large or small organisations who wish to own the Virtual tour on their own database. It is best used when there is not an ongoing turnaround of different properties that require very fast processing. This package can also be SUPPLIED ON A CD for showing to clients/customers. We can provide multiple CD's of the virtual tour if required at an agreed cost.

    We will require time on site to take the photographs required. We will then provide you with the finished Virtual Tour when it has been put together. The processing time will depend on how large the project is.

    With this type of Virtul Tour Package you have have all these options;

  • We embed the Virtual Tour on your website for you(no extra cost)
  • We supply you with a link to the Virtual Tour for you to add to your website
  • We supply the Virtual tour on 1 or more CDs
  • All virtual tours can be added to Google Maps


    Please contact us if your would like a quote for either of our packages. You will be very surprised at how economical the 3D Showcase Package can be!.