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About Us

Cairn Active Design Ltd continues to provide a vast range of traditional and innovative information services. Our Services range from carrying out a Land Survey/Measured Building Survey to 3D Virtual Reality Tours and CGI Visualisation (Computer Generated Images).

Based in Dunfermline and Established in 1998, we have had many years experience providing Property Information Services for the banking, building, Health , food and security industries.

Our clients range from individuals to multinationals and we can cover a range of projects large or small.

Along with various other projects, we currently manage CAD and Space Management Data for The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC and have been involved in their CAD area for over 19 years. This involves a major bank portfolio of over 3000 properties in the UK and overseas.

Our company refuses to be complacent and continues to expand into new areas of technological advancement keeping us as up-to-date as possible for our clients demands.

Our new exciting fully immersive CGI & 3D Virtual Tour Services have recently been launched bringing us as up-to-date as possible with our CAD services.